About Us

Welcome to TheDIYPool.com, your ultimate guide to designing, building, and maintaining your own inground pool. We are proud to be a comprehensive resource for DIY enthusiasts, providing the information and insights you need to make your dream pool a reality.

Our Story

Our story began in 2020 in Tennessee when we decided to install an inground pool at our new house. However, like many others at the time, we faced a severe backlog of pool builders and soaring prices. Undeterred, we embarked on a journey of creating our own inground pool, mixing personal efforts with subcontracted work.

This process entailed months of diligent research, understanding inground pool kits, pool equipment, and necessary permits. We also found a reliable subcontractor for excavation, and together, we spent the entire summer building the pool from scratch.


Throughout this journey, we noticed a gap in comprehensive online resources that could help others like us. While there were forums like TroubleFreePool and some YouTube videos available, we yearned for a more complete, easy-to-navigate platform that could provide detailed and practical guidance. And thus, TheDIYPool.com was born.

the diy pool

Today, we are dedicated to empowering others by sharing our first-hand knowledge, experiences, and hard-learned lessons. From explaining the intricacies of pool design to tips on maintaining your pool in all seasons, we cover all aspects of inground pools in a straightforward and accessible manner.

At TheDIYPool.com, we believe in the power of DIY and the satisfaction that comes from creating something truly unique and personalized. We invite you to dive in and explore our content and hope our insights will help turn your pool-building project into a successful and rewarding experience.

Welcome aboard, and happy building!