best pool surface: A stunning pool in a tropical landscape with various people, hairstyles, and outfits, captured in high-quality detail.

Best Pool Surface: Best Interior Finishes for Concrete Pools

Best Pool Surface

A luxurious pool with a smooth mosaic tile surface surrounded by lush landscaping, filled with diverse people enjoying themselves.

Choosing the best pool surface can be challenging when designing your inground pool. With numerous options availableunderstanding their pros and cons is essential. This article will simplify your choice by unraveling the intricacies of various pool surfaces – from plaster to tile finishes! Dive in to find out more about your future pool paradise.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three main types of pool finishes – plaster, aggregate, and tile.
  • Plaster is cheap but needs good care early on. It can last long with the right care.
  • Aggregate uses small bits of quartz, marble, and pebbles for a unique look. But it can be rough on feet and costs more.
  • Tile gives your pool a luxury feel, is easy to clean, and lasts longer. But it costs the most among all options.
  • When choosing a pool surface, your budget, what you like in style, how long you want it to last, and where you live are good things to consider.

Different Types of Pool Finishes

Aerial photo showcasing a pool with various finishes, colors, and textures.

In your quest to find the perfect pool surface, consider these key types of finishes: Standard and Colored Plaster for a smooth, classic appearance; Quartz, Marble, Pebble, and Glass Bead Aggregates offering unique texture as well as visual appeal; or Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles adding an exquisite touch of luxury.

Enhance your pool design by selecting various colors that fit your exterior aesthetics.

Plaster Finishes (Standard Plaster, Colored Plaster)

A photo of a sparkling blue pool surrounded by greenery, featuring diverse people with different faces, hair styles, and outfits.

Plaster finishes are a good choice for pool surfaces.

  1. Standard plaster is not costly. It gives a smooth finish to your pool.
  2. This surface lasts for many years with proper care.
  3. The first month is most important for its life, especially in gunite pools.
  4. simple mix of water, white Portland cement, and marble dust makes standard plaster.
  5. You can also have colored plaster. Coloring and additives in gunite pools give a unique look.
  6. With colored plaster, the pool water appears blue or any other color you pick.
  7. The downside is a rough surface over time if not well cared for.
  8. Your feet may feel tender on the texture of a standard plaster finish.

Aggregate Finishes (Quartz Aggregate, Marble Aggregate, Pebble Aggregate, Glass Bead)

A stunning pool with a quartz aggregate finish, surrounded by diverse individuals and vibrant colors.

Aggregate finishes add charm to your pool. They also make it last longer. These finishes use tiny bits of quartz, marble, pebbles, and glass.

  1. Quartz Aggregate: This finish has a smooth texture. It uses small bits of quartz in the plaster. Quartz helps make the pool surface stronger. It gives a unique look with many colors.
  2. Marble Aggregate: White marble dust goes into this type of finish. The pool looks blue when it is full of water.
  3. Pebble Aggregate: This finish uses river stones or pebbles in tiny sizes. The result is more natural-looking pool water with lots of colors.
  4. Glass Bead Aggregate: Shiny beads go into this finish for a sparkling effect in the sun.
  • Pebble-finished pools can be rough on your feet.
  • Using quartz, glass, or pebbles makes a bit costly type of finish.
  • Glass bead aggregate may cost you more per square foot.

Tile Finishes (Ceramic or Porcelain Tile)

A luxurious pool in a beautifully landscaped backyard with different people enjoying themselves.

Tile finishes add an extra splash to your pool. This type of pool finish uses ceramic or porcelain tiles. Here are things to know:

  1. Tile finishes are a popular choice for many pool owners.
  2. They work well with all types of pools: vinyl liner, fiberglass, and gunite.
  3. These finishes make your pool look beautiful.
  4. You have a lot of design options with tile finishes.
  5. Use different colors to give your pool a unique look.
  6. Sadly, tile finishes cost more than other options for your pool surface.
  7. It’s important to clean and care for these types of surfaces regularly.
  8. These surfaces can last a long time if treated right.

Pros and Cons of Each Pool Finish

Plaster finishes, while being the most economical choice, can have a rough surface and require more maintenance. Aggregate finishes offer an array of materials like pebbles or glass beads, providing a unique look but may be uncomfortable to sensitive feet and are mostly costly.

Although it has the smoothest texture and low maintenance need, Tile Pool Finishes tend to incur the highest up-front costs, making it the most expensive option among pool finish types.

Plaster Finishes (Classic White Plaster)

A pool with a white plaster finish and quartz crystals, featuring various individuals with different appearances and outfits in a vibrant atmosphere.

Classic white plaster is a top pick for pool surfaces. Pool owners love it! It gives pools a neat, clean look with its bright white finish. Care must be given to this surface type in the first month after being put in.

The surface can last a long time – some even over 20 years with good care! Pools made of gunite work well with this kind of surface. If you want a different color than white, there are more colors too! But watch out; darker colors may have spots on them sometimes and won’t look as smooth as lighter shades.

To make classic white plaster prettier and stronger, try adding quartz crystals!

Aggregate Finishes (JewelScapes®, PolishedScapes®, StoneScapes®, QuartzScapes®)

A pool with various finishes and people in different outfits, captured in high-quality and realistic detail.

Aggregate finishes are a top pick for pool surfaces. Pool owners love them due to their strong makeup. These finishes last a long time and stay looking fresh.

JewelScapes’ glossy look adds rich class to pools. It makes the water shine bright on sunny days, giving your pool that much-needed sparkly effect.

PolishedScapes gives a smooth feel under your feet as you glide through the water. Its polished surface keeps feet happy while playing in the pool, which is great for sensitive feet!

StoneScapes captures natural beauty. It looks like tiny river stones are in your pool! It gives pools more of an outdoor vibe, which many folks enjoy.

Last but not least is QuartzScape. This finish comes in different colors, so you can easily match it with your home or backyard style.

Tile Finishes

A luxurious pool in a beautiful landscape with people of various appearances, hairstyles, and outfits enjoying the surroundings.

Tile finishes give a pool’s water a nice shine. Pool owners love them for their easy care and lasting beauty. They are made from porcelain or ceramic. You can pick many different colors to make your pool look great.

Tiles may cost more, but they stay in shape for long years without you needing to do much work to keep them looking new. Their smooth surface is kind of like feet, too! However, tiles might be slippery when wet, so be careful not to slip!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool Surface

A vibrant pool set in a tropical oasis with diverse people and scenic surroundings.

When selecting your pool surface, consider budget, durability, maintenance requirements, desired aesthetic and style, and local climate and environment.

To explore these factors in detail, read further.


A Caucasian person holding a wallet with various currency notes, surrounded by price tags in a busy setting.

To pick the right pool finish, you must think about your budget. Vinyl liner pools cost less. They are good for those who have a tight budget. Fiberglass pools are a bit pricier, but they last longer.

Gunite pools take more money and time to install than vinyl and fiberglass options. Thermo-polymer finishes can add to your spending because they give your pool a high-end look but cost more than pebble finishes.

Durability and Maintenance

A vibrant and diverse pool scene with a clear blue water and a lively atmosphere.

Taking care of your pool is important. Pools with vinyl liners are easy to keep clean. Yet, they may not last as long as other types of pools. Fiberglass pools live longer and can resist metal stains well.

Choose a gunite pool if you want it in any shape or size you like. But no matter your pool type, maintenance should follow the correct steps. Good care means your pool stays enjoyable and lasts for a long time!

Aesthetics and Style

A photo of people of diverse backgrounds enjoying a modern turquoise swimming pool with glass tiles.

Choosing the right style is key in pool design. Your pick can change how your swimming area looks and feels. Some like a natural look with pebble or stone finishes, using actual river stones and pebbles.

Others prefer the sleek, modern feel that glass tiles provide. Darker plaster colors can give your pool blue water but may show wear over time. Lighter plaster colors offer a smooth span for sensitive feet and make an impressive view, too! Tile surfaces let you choose from lots of different colors for a pop of fun! You get to pick what suits you regarding aesthetics and style in choosing the best pool surface.

Climate and Environment

A beautiful pool surrounded by nature, featuring diverse individuals in various outfits and hairstyles.

In a hot place, choose light pool finishes. Light colors keep the water cool. In cold places, dark pool finishes are better. Dark colors help to warm the water. Wet and rainy climates need a strong finish, such as quartz or pebble surfaces, because they can withstand moisture.

When choosing your pool surface, consider your climate and weather. This way, you get more fun out of your pool, whatever time it is!


A stunning pool in a tropical landscape with various people, hairstyles, and outfits, captured in high-quality detail.

Treat your pool with the best surface. It depends on what you can spendhow it should look, and how long it will last. Pick the type that wins all these things. In the end, a shiny and safe pool is what matters most!


1. What are the best pool surface options for my new swimming pool?

The best pool surface options depend on your choice, but they could range from plaster pool finishes, pebble tec, and aggregate pool finishes to ceramic tile and stone tile.

2. What is the right finish for my concrete or gunite swimming pool’s interior surface?

The most common finish for a concrete or gunite swimming pool interior surface ise a plaster surface such as white marble aggregate or pebble tec with small pebbles.

3. How does the color of an interior pool finish affect the watercolor?

Generally, lighter colors make your pool’s water appear clear, while darker colors give off a deep blue hue, making it the right choice if you are after certain aesthetic appearances.

4. Can river pebbles be used as an exposed aggregate in my new generation of plaster pool surfaces?

Yes! Smaller River pebbles can create beautiful and long-lasting Pebble Pool Surfaces, which work great with properly balanced Pool Chemicals.

5. What should I consider when choosing between Tile-based Pool Finish and Polished Aggregate?

It would be best to consider factors such as how easy it is to care for, look over time, cost matters, and other factors based on the life of the plaster or requirements like smooth versus rough textures without sharp edges.

6. Does using the proper application method impact the lifespan of plaster Pool Finishes?

Very much so! Pool Builder must carefully balance simplicity (Simple Mixture Of Water) and expert handling (e.g., Right mix ratios) during application progress, leading to a longer run and quality appearance.

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